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Jul 242015

We believe that fashion is vehemently linked to freedom of expression and the endless possibilities to explore and shape your individuality. We challenge the status quo, because life is too short to follow the rules.

LolaLola highlights the boundless symbiosis between fashion and art, holding a mirror up to the spirit of the zeitgeist. We look for ideas, innovations, craftsmanship and pioneers throughout the fashion industry for the individual that dares to challenge their concept of style.

We focus on high fashion, influentials and upcoming fresh talent. We believe in collaboration with designers and look for authentic stories. All published content is cultivated through sustainable relationships with industry professionals. The stories are the result of open and friendly conversations shared at the heart of Europe’s fashion capitols. We believe in integrity- this means that we appreciate the ideas of the designers & artists and hold their creative integrity in the highest regards.

The team exists of independent writers, journalist, photographers and stylists who live for fashion. LolaLola is a fashionable family member of ThePostOnline. It is therefore no surprise that Lola inherited the same mindset.

Lola is fearless, independent, graceful, funny and a little crazy.